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We are an industrial carrier, offering liner service with container, reefer and project cargo capabilities. We take pride in our operational excellence and extensive experience in the shipping industry, which stretches over a period of more than 50 years. We invest to constantly upgrade efficiency and limit environmental impact


FM Logistics simplify the complex and often confusing process of relocating your pet overseas. There is a range of quarantine, government, airline and air travel regulations and requirements which need to be met before your pet can travel.


With global connections, supported by trusted strategic partners we provide comprehensive freight related service, including short-sea and door-to-door services in an efficient manner. FM Logistics aims to keep its good reputation by co-operating with clients by offering reliable solutions, personal and cost-effective services.

“Our ambition lies in benefitting our customers in every possible way and we constantly strive to find innovative and cost-effective shipping solutions, after all we are highly committed to providing you with dependable services of the highest quality. We believe in contributing logistic services that consistently meet the requirements of our customers..”


Our schedule provides new opportunities in shipping – twice a week in every port.


We are always ready to serve and deliver according to customers demands.


We provide stability through our long term transport contracts.

About us

company with worldwide reach. We offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end outsourced logistical solutions addressing every aspect of a business’s supply chain, freight, transport, and personnel needs and warehouse services. 

Our mission

Fast Moves Logistics is a shipping company providing a transport around the entire globe, where we work with leading professionals in the short sea and deep sea segments. We transport your cargo, goods and materials safely and efficiently from one destination to another.

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  • Pet secure services
  • Premuim Discount mail
  • Descrete mail services