Road, rail, air or sea: Express Trans Logistics provides safe, reliable transport solutions for import and export shipments through our dedicated company-owned fleet and our international network of trusted partners. We are equipped to handle a large variety of cargo, including hazardous cargo, and can offer our clients full, part and consolidation loads. We also offer goods-in-transit insurance on all loads up to affordable value. Additional cover can be arranged if required by our clients. Though our partnering network we also specialize in cross-border transport into neighboring countries.

Reverse Logistics

From both a cost-savings and triple bottom-line perspective, the management of a company’s reverse logistics makes good business sense. Reverse logistics refers to the re-use of products and materials.

Whether our clients are looking to build more sustainable, green supply chains or to capture value, Express Trans Logistics is able to provide them with flexible, efficient management, planning, and control.

Full Maintenance Leases

In terms of these financial offerings the client carries no maintenance risk except for cases of driver abuse: the finance and resale risks are carried by the financier.

Full maintenance leases result in no capital outlay, an improved cash flow, fully deductible lease payments, and no residual value risk.

Cross-Border Transportation

Through our Joint Venture Partnering Network we are able to distribute cargo for our clients throughout Africa and beyond.

Efficient cross-border transportation doesn’t just depend on reliable networks – it requires knowledge of local realities and conditions. ETL’s  experienced staff bring a confidence and familiarity to our clients’ international transport expectations.


Express Trans Logistics makes your products available when they need to be, where they need to be.

We are able to design and manage distribution channels right up to the final consumer or user, and the movement of payments back to you

Truck Rental

ETL’s in-house fleet of trucks is at your disposal. We are able to offer rental solutions to suit any requirements. Should you have exceptional needs, we are able to bolster our own vehicles with those owned by our trusted network of suppliers.

Courier Services

ETL is able to facilitate the secure, timeous transportation of commercial packages and documents nationally or internationally.