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Express Trans Logistics is able to satisfy all of your air-freight needs within The country, and to link them to the rest of your logistical or supply chain


Whatever it is that you need flown in to your business, Fast Moves Logistics is able to accommodate you. As always, we don’t look at the process in isolation: from point of origination to point of arrival we’ve got you covered, including the management of all customs and regulatory procedures.

Cross Trades

Cross-trade shipments are shipments that originate on one country and are delivered to another. Express Trans Logistics has access to a trusted network of international partners, allowing us to efficiently manage these shipments.


With Express Trans Logistics, the world is within your reach. Whatever the complexity of your international air freight needs, Go-Cargo Logistics will tailor a solution that gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that you are losing nothing in inefficiencies.


Whether it’s a matter of getting your products to overseas market, or of feeding your international supply chains, we are able to handle all of your export needs.

Customs Clearance And Consulting

Express Trans Logistics manages all import and export customs clearance for both air and sea-freight worldwide. This might include specific customer needs in terms of consol service, express, flash shipments, and on-board courier services. We also handle all cross-border customs clearances, inspections, and the acquisition of special permits on behalf of our customers.

Dedicated Chartering

Through our global partnering network we handle all air and sea-freight import and export shipments worldwide. This includes a full one-stop supply-chain service from origin to final destination for in-gauge or abnormal cargo. We also offer full vessel and airfreight chartering services of all cargo to our clients based on their specific needs and requirements.